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Spruce Up That Upholstery By Having it Professionally Cleaned

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Spruce Up That Upholstery By Having it Professionally Cleaned

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture and its upholstery might not be something you think about cleaning regularly, but really it should get a thorough professional clean from upholstery cleaning experts at least once in a while. Whether your lounge and matching chairs are covered in fabric or leather, they will get a build up of sweat, grease, grime, suffer from spilled drinks and dropped
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Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Faithful Pet

Australians love their pets. In fact, about 62% of Australians have pets, which is one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. While our pets offer us countless hours of love and entertainment, they can also be very messy. If you own a dog or cat, here are some simple housekeeping tips to help you keep your
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Maintaining a Professional Workplace with Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaners at Work

Running a business in today’s economic climate is difficult.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day for everything a business owner has to deal with. If you have a business that sees customers at your office, workshop or retail space, keeping your business premises clean can be just another one of those burdens. Often staff won’t want
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Is Your Carpet Calling for Help?

Muddy Shoes on Carpet

While regular vacuuming and carpet care will help to keep your carpet clean, after time your carpet can show signs of wear and tear that you just can’t get rid of. In this blog, our team of carpet cleaning experts have put together a few signs that your carpet needs a professional clean. There are stubborn stains Sometimes, despite all
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Risks of DIY Carpet Cleaning

Close up of woman cleaning carpet

While cleaning your carpet yourself may seem like a great way to save money, if not done correctly it can cause damage to your carpet and end up costing you more. If you are considering cleaning your carpet yourself, then be aware of these DIY carpet cleaning risks. Mould breakout If you don’t clean your carpet correctly and ensure that
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Revitalise the Look of Your Floor Tiles

Close up of person scrubbing tiles using rubber gloves

Revitalise the look of your floor tiles and any dirty, grimy grout with a professional grout clean Often the floor tiles in our home or business premises are themselves in great shape, but it’s the grout that lets them down. Dirty grout can make tiles look lacklustre and detract from the clean look of the area. Grout is a porous
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Office Hygiene Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Cleaner wipes down computer monitor

Be it at home or the workplace, ensuring hygiene is kept to a high standard is important. A hygienic environment keeps us healthy and can stop the spread of germs. But, did you know that maintaining the hygiene of your office by using a commercial cleaning service can help you improve the bottom line of your business? Better hygiene results
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Basic Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

Father and child lie on carpet

Carpets are a wonderful and versatile floor covering for Australian homes. Soft, delicate and comfortable, carpets are great for the whole family. The catch? If you don’t look after them, they get grubby fast! So here are some easy carpet care tips from our Noosa carpet cleaning team. Shoes off! Even when you wipe your shoes on a mat before
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Call In a Team of Professionals to Clean Up After That Big Party

Party Clean Up

Call In a Team of Professionals to Clean Up After That Big Party Entertaining friends, guests and relatives is great, but if the party or get together is a big affair, then the cleanup job that ensues can be a nightmare, to say the least. You’ve just had a wow of a time, and the last thing you feel like
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Sunshine Beach Professional Cleaners

Wine Spilled on Carpet

Not all Sunshine Beach cleaning companies are created equal and not all cleaning companies specialise in cleaning exactly the same items. To some, cleaning is just a job to pay the bills and get by. To others, producing meticulous results and achieving customer satisfaction is the primary goal. The problem with cleaning anything – whether it be your house, carpets,
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