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The Many Benefits of Hiring New Life Cleaning

The Many Benefits of Hiring New Life Cleaning

Wine Spilled on Carpet

Not all Sunshine Coast cleaning companies are created equal and not all cleaning companies specialise in cleaning exactly the same items. To some, cleaning is just a job to pay the bills and get by. To others, producing meticulous results and achieving customer satisfaction is the primary goal. The problem with cleaning anything – whether it be your house, carpets,
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Handy Tips to get Your Kids To Clean Their Rooms

Kid Vacuuming a Capet

Trying to entice, force or demand that our kids clean and tidy their bedrooms is an age-old problem that just about everyone has to deal with at some point. While some kids are clean and tidy by nature, for the majority the thought of having to tidy their room or, heaven forbid, actually do some dusting and vacuuming, is akin
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Is the Air Conditioning Unit in Your Holiday House Healthy and Running Efficiently?

Woman Cleaning Air Conditioning Unit

Do you have an investment property that you are renting out as a holiday rental? Does it have an air-conditioning system? Do you clean it regularly? If you aren’t having it professionally and regularly cleaned, your air-conditioning system is costing you more money than you realise and worse, it is actually unhealthy! Air-conditioning systems have filters that help to keep
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How To Choose a Good Cleaning Company

Cleaning Windows

Whether you need professional cleaners to come to your home for regular cleaning, carpet cleaning, perhaps a bond clean, or your office needs a thorough going over, you want to make sure the cleaners you call in to do the job are both experienced and thorough. Not all cleaning companies are created equal and not everyone who calls themselves a
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Cleaning Your Sunshine Beach Airbnb

Managing your Airbnb

Do you run an Airbnb in Sunshine Beach? Here are some things you should be doing Airbnb is a great way to earn some money from that spare room or granny flat. But, before you jump online and start renting out your space, there are a few things you might want to consider. Are you ready? How realistic is your
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Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is More Effective

Dealing with a wine stain on a carpet

Go into most supermarkets and you’ll find a section where you can hire a carpet cleaning machine as well as detergents to use to clean carpets. While these machines are okay, they really are not as effective in getting carpets really clean as more professional equipment will achieve. Carpet cleaning is also a skill built up through experience and dealing
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Why Choose Professional Cleaning?

Hire a Professional Cleaner

We all clean every day of our lives. Much of the time the cleaning we do around the home or office is sufficient. But do we want to do all the cleaning? Or would we rather hire a professional to take care of it for us? In this article, we'll look at a few of the advantages of getting in
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Clean That Air Conditioner In Time For Summer

Spring has just arrived on the Sunshine Coast and summer is fast approaching. The weather is about to get hot and humid and the air conditioners will be switched on and put through their paces. You want to stay nice and cool throughout the warmer months, so you will want your air conditioner to be working at its optimum. The
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Is Your Home Clean And Ready For Sale ?

If you are about to put your home on the market, or it is already up for sale, then you will want it to be presented in the very best light to get the sale. A clean and shiny house will certainly impress when the real estate agent organises an open home. Have you considered having it thoroughly cleaned by
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Spring Has Arrived. Time For That Spring Clean

The arrival of spring means many things. Summer is just around the corner and fun times are ahead. It is the time of the year when we all awake from our winter slumber and hibernation and get active. It’s also traditionally a time of the year when many of us decide it’s time to give our homes a really thorough
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