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Mattress Cleaning

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Professional mattress cleaning – steam clean your mattress with New Life Cleaning and be assured of the most thorough clean out there!

Kill germs and sanitize your mattress

Dirty Mattress

You would be wrong to think that your mattress is clean without regular maintenance. Body oils, dead skin flakes, hair from your body or even pets, not to mention possibly BED BUGS and their excrement?!

…..Pure steam cleaning without a doubt is the only safe way to clean your mattress. Not only does it clean away stains and debris it kills germs and bugs.

New Life Steam Mattress Cleaning system uses:-

  1. Pure steam
  2. Anti-allergen hospital-grade solutions
  3. Special vacuum head that beats the mattress and removes debris
  4. Fibre rinse – the last objects you need close to your body are leftover cleaning chemicals that can cause skin irritations and inflame allergens – ‘dry cleaning methods are not the answer’
  5. High powered extraction system

Mattress Cleaning

Once a year: Use pure steam and hospital grade solutions from the New Life cleaning system:-

  • To break down the dust mites life cycle
  • To remove stains on the mattress/s,
  • For removal of all the body oils, dead skin flakes, hair plus all the germs and bugs which attach themselves to the mattress surface with high powered extraction sanitize
  • To fibre rinse to remove any residues

NB. It is against the law to use pesticides on mattresses, for health reasons …….. the New Life Cleaning system is the answer !!

# For a clean healthy well maintained mattress

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