Rest Easy with professional mattress and upholstery cleaning

When you jump into bed you might not be aware that you could be sharing it with more than you bargained for.

Dust mites and bed bugs could be keeping you company at night; they use your bed as their bed, kitchen and toilet. Dust mites’ faeces can flare up allergies, and bed bugs love to take a nibble from anyone that they share a bed with.

Your unwelcome visitors will make themselves at home, and whilst we might like to pretend they’re not there, they’re not shy guests and will soon be known to you through nasty red bites and sneezing episodes.

Mattress cleaning and upholstery cleaning on the Sunshine Coast

Whether you want to rid your bed or furniture of bed bugs and dust mites, New Life Cleaning’s mattress cleaning and upholstery cleaning service is equipped to reclaim your home.

Kills germs and sanitise your beds and sofa with a thorough mattress and upholstery cleaning service from New Life Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast.

Mattress Cleaning That Allows You to Sleep Easy

Be assured with New Life Cleaning that you have the cleanest and healthiest mattresses and sofas around. With more than 10 years’ experience you can rest easy knowing that New life Cleaning are the best in town.