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When it comes to cleaning services New Life Cleaning have more than 10 years’ experience. Why not check out our blog for tips on how to keep your house gleaming between professional carpet cleans and tile and grout cleaning services.

Take a look at our top cleaning tips, hints on how to removes stains, and general advice on cleaning. Our Sunshine Coast based cleaning service is your secret to clean carpets and tiles, and much more.

Spruce Up That Upholstery By Having it Professionally Cleaned

The furniture and its upholstery might not be something you think about cleaning regularly, but really it should get a thorough professional clean from upholstery cleaning experts at least once in a w

Split Level Air Conditioning Cleaning

In Queensland air conditioning is really a must to stay cool and comfortable in a climate that is warm to hot most of the year round. As our air conditioners get used a lot, they need cleaning and mai

How To Choose a Good Cleaning Company

Whether you need professional cleaners to come to your home for regular cleaning, carpet cleaning, perhaps a bond clean, or your office needs a thorough going over, you want to make sure the cleaners

Handy Tips to get Your Kids To Clean Their Rooms

Trying to entice, force or demand that our kids clean and tidy their bedrooms is an age old problem that just about everyone has to deal with at some point. While some kids are clean and tidy by natur

Cleaning Is Easier When the Home Is Organised

It’s a fact that not many people enjoy house cleaning. Sure, we may like the final result, but not the chore of it all. We all do it in one form or another because it has to be done, but often the t

Call In a Team of Professionals to Clean Up After That Big Party

Entertaining friends, guests and relatives is great, but if the party or get together is a big affair, then the clean up job that ensues can be a nightmare to say the least. You’ve just had a wow of

Maintaining a professional workplace with commercial cleaning

Running a business in today’s economic climate is difficult.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day for everything a business owner has to deal with. If you have a business that sees c

Revitalise the look of your floor tiles and any dirty, grimy grout with a professional grout clean

Often the floor tiles in our home or business premises are themselves in great shape, but it’s the grout that lets them down. Dirty grout can make tiles look lacklustre and detract from the clean lo

Top 5 ways to keep your carpets looking like new

Buying carpet for your home or business can be a significant investment.  There are a myriad of carpet options to choose from which include colours, textures, materials, quality and of cost. Keepi

Outdoor Tile Cleaning

If you use your tiled outdoor or alfresco area a lot for relaxing and entertaining, chances are the tiles and particularly the grout can be looking a little off colour. Tiles are tough, able to wit

Is the air conditioning unit in your holiday house healthy and running efficiently?

Do you have an investment property that you are renting out as a holiday rental? Does it have an air-conditioning system? Do you clean it regularly? If you aren’t having it professionally and reg

How to maintain and protect your lounge

Our lounge is often the most used item in our family or lounge rooms and usually the one most neglected. If you have children, you would know the long suffering lounge suite can be victim to all so