Did you know…?

Your carpet could be making you sick!

It might sound a little extreme, but your carpet could actually be making you sick. Whether you’ve moved into a new Sunshine Coast home and the previous owners haven’t had the carpets professionally cleaned, or you thought vacuuming would suffice, you might find that your carpets could be making you and your family sick.

Carpets are great at acting as a filter in your home, they trap pollutants and keep the air clean, but what happens when they are full? After all a carpet can hold more than four times its own weight. These pollutants are free to move around in the air, and in a work environment this could lead to more sick days, and at home it means you and your family could suffer health issues.

Your carpets can harbour germs and bacteria that can only be removed with a thorough and professional carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast – For your Family’s Health

Unclean carpets can be bad news for asthma and eczema suffers, as dust mite droppings can trigger both issues.

Pollutants such as fungi, bacterial and other residues are filtered from the air by the carpet, but you need a professional carpet cleaner to remove them, leaving you with a clean looking, feeling and smelling carpet.

Let’s get to the nitty-grotty

Professional carpet cleaning isn’t just important to keep your Sunshine Coast home or business looking and smelling great, it’s a matter of health too.

The process

We use a truck mounted machine which makes the highest quality steam to clean deep-down dirt and vacuum it away.

Our four-step carpet cleaning process includes:

  1. We thoroughly vacuum your carpet to remove loose dirt.
  2. We put down the carpet shampoo through our special scrubbing machine which gets deep into the carpet fibres to loosen embedded dirt.
  3. Then followed by a high-powered extraction and pH-balancing fibre rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution. Leaving your Carpet as clean as it can be.
  4. Your carpet is groomed, allowing it to dry faster.

We recommend optional Carpet Protectors & Deodorisers. An application of Carpet Protector (optional) and/or ODORCIDE odour control (optional). Reapplying the carpet protector helps restore protective properties to your carpet, making it easier to care for.

Your Full Cleaning Service on the Sunshine Coast

Carpet cleaners come and go on the Sunshine Coast, they breeze in with their cheap equipment and offer low prices, but the level of service is quite frankly not worth it. New Life Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast has been around for more than 10 years, and we pride ourselves on an amazing service, with great value for money.

We provide carpet steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, leather cleaning & conditioning, floor & wall cleaning, bathroom & tile cleaning and bond cleaning, and we guarantee you’ll be amazed at the results.