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Basic Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

Basic Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

Carpets are a wonderful and versatile floor covering for Australian homes. Soft, delicate and comfortable, carpets are great for the whole family. The catch? If you don’t look after them, they get g

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is More Effective

Go into most supermarkets and you’ll find a section where you can hire a carpet cleaning machine as well as detergents to use to clean carpets. While these machines are okay, they really are not as

What Parts of the Home Do We Often Neglect To Clean

Parts of the home get cleaned all the time, sometimes every day or even several times a day. A good example would be the kitchen bench tops. Others get a regular clean as well, such as the carpets rec

What Is Leather Cleaning and Why Would You Need It

Leather products and furniture are beautiful. When you first buy that leather lounge suite, set it up in your home and relax in its comfort for the very first time, you can smell the freshness of the

Top Tips for Easier Window Cleaning

Whether it’s just a touch up on one or two windows or you’ve decided to give every window in the home a good clean inside and out, window cleaning is often a task that many people put off and, eve

The Many Benefits of Hiring New Life Cleaning

Not all cleaning companies are created equal and not all cleaning companies specialise in cleaning exactly the same items. To some, cleaning is just a job to pay the bills and get by. To others, produ

The Benefits of Split Level Air Conditioning

When living in the Queensland climate, having air conditioning in the home is a must if you want to be cool and comfortable during the long hot summers. In fact, the weather is pretty warm most of the

Spruce Up That Upholstery By Having it Professionally Cleaned

The furniture and its upholstery might not be something you think about cleaning regularly, but really it should get a thorough professional clean from upholstery cleaning experts at least once in a w

Split Level Air Conditioning Cleaning

In Queensland air conditioning is really a must to stay cool and comfortable in a climate that is warm to hot most of the year round. As our air conditioners get used a lot, they need cleaning and mai

How To Choose a Good Cleaning Company

Whether you need professional cleaners to come to your home for regular cleaning, carpet cleaning, perhaps a bond clean, or your office needs a thorough going over, you want to make sure the cleaners

Handy Tips to get Your Kids To Clean Their Rooms

Trying to entice, force or demand that our kids clean and tidy their bedrooms is an age old problem that just about everyone has to deal with at some point. While some kids are clean and tidy by natur

Cleaning Is Easier When the Home Is Organised

It’s a fact that not many people enjoy house cleaning. Sure, we may like the final result, but not the chore of it all. We all do it in one form or another because it has to be done, but often the t