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Is Your Carpet Calling for Help?

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While regular vacuuming and carpet care will help to keep your carpet clean, after time your carpet can show signs of wear and tear that you just can’t get rid of. In this blog, our team of carpet cleaning experts have put together a few signs that your carpet needs a professional clean.

Muddy Shoes on Carpet

There are stubborn stains

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts there are some stains that you just can’t get rid of. If this is the case, then there’s a good chance that you need professional carpet cleaning.

There’s visible mould or mildew

Search your carpet for green, white or black spots that did not originate from a stain. In humid climates, such as those on the Sunshine Coast, it is easy for your carpet to start growing mould or mildew.

There’s a bad smell

Constant tracking of dirt and debris can make your carpet smell. If you can’t get rid of the smell with deodorising spray, it will require professional carpet cleaning.

There is visible wear

Over time, foot traffic will flatten your carpet’s fibres and become weighed down with dirt. A professional carpet clean is the best way to give your carpet the lift it needs.

Your pets or children have left a mark

Kids and pets often have accidents. While you may have done your best to clean up the pee, poop or puke, these marks are hard to get out without deeper cleaning. A professional carpet clean will ensure these stains are lifted, while removing leftover germs.

Looking for professional carpet cleaning in Peregian Springs? Contact New Life Cleaning today. Our team of carpet cleaning experts use a truck mounted machine to steam and clean dirt and stains deep down in your carpet and vacuum it away. Our exclusive four-step carpet cleaning system will ensure that all the dirt is lifted, so all that left behind is cleaner, softer, more beautiful carpet.


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