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Is the Air Conditioning Unit in Your Holiday House Healthy and Running Efficiently?

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Do you have an investment property that you are renting out as a holiday rental? Does it have an air-conditioning system? Do you clean it regularly?

If you aren’t having it professionally and regularly cleaned, your air-conditioning system is costing you more money than you realise and worse, it is actually unhealthy!

Air-conditioning systems have filters that help to keep the components within the system, namely the blower and evaporator coil clean.

If these filters become clogged with dirt and dust, it blocks the airflow, resulting in your system using much more energy (electricity) to run meaning larger than necessary electricity bills for you.

Woman Cleaning Air Conditioning Unit

Having your filters cleaned can help to reduce your energy costs!

Another consideration to cleaning your air-conditioning system is that it could become a health hazard.

As you now know, air-conditioners use filters and the nature of an air-conditioning system is to circulate the same air around a room. When these filters are clogged, the air-conditioning unit is actually re-circulating the same dust and dirt particles back into the air.

In severe cases, mould and bacteria can grow, so the system is also then re-circulating allergens into the air we breathe, along with the clogged up dust and dirt particles.

If you are renting out your investment property to holidaymakers, you need to ensure the living environment within your rental property is healthy and not making them sick.

To avoid a clogged, dirty and highly inefficient air-conditioning system, call New Life Cleaning on 0410 491 906.

We can professionally clean your system to ensure your system’s filters are spotlessly clean, so it runs as efficiently as it should.

We service the greater Sunshine Coast areas for all homeowners, businesses and landlords who want to ensure their air-conditioning systems are running efficiently and healthily, whilst saving them money.

We can also set up a preventative maintenance cleaning schedule that will see your system cleaned at regular intervals to avoid any inconvenient breakdowns for your holiday season renters.

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