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Carpet Flooded! Can You Save It?

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A flooded home causes many issues. Depending on the severity of the flood you may experience irreversible damage to electronic ware, furniture, fixtures and flooring. While tiles, lino and concrete can be quite resilient in the face of flooding, carpet can be a little more difficult. To help, the carpet cleaning experts at New Life Cleaning have put together this informative post to help you determine whether you can salvage your carpet after a flood.

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What was the condition of the floodwater?

The cause of the flood will often determine the condition of the floodwater. If the floodwater is sanitary, such as rainwater, with no contamination you have the best chance to save your carpet. As soon as you are able, contact a flooding services company that provides water damage clean up. After this you can contact a professional carpet cleaning service to remove any excess water and to remove any mildew or mould that may have developed. This will ensure that your carpet is both hygienic and fresh scented.

If the floodwater is unsanitary, such as toilet water containing urine or faeces, you should exercise more caution. In most cases it’s much safer to discard your carpet, but if you are set on salvaging the carpet, you will need to use strong disinfectants to kill off any bacteria or other contaminants before hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. If the floodwater is blackwater (water mixed with raw sewage) the carpets should be throw away immediately.

Looking for professional carpet cleaning on the Sunshine Coast?

If you’ve recently experienced a flood and want to save your carpets, contact New Life Cleaning today. Our friendly carpet cleaning team have the experience, equipment, and skills needed to restore your carpet back to pre-flood condition. We service Noosa & Hinterland and Surrounding Areas of the Sunshine Coast.

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