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Handy Tips to get Your Kids To Clean Their Rooms

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Trying to entice, force or demand that our kids clean and tidy their bedrooms is an age-old problem that just about everyone has to deal with at some point. While some kids are clean and tidy by nature, for the majority the thought of having to tidy their room or, heaven forbid, actually do some dusting and vacuuming, is akin to asking them to go to the dentist and have their teeth drilled without anaesthetic.

Kid Vacuuming a Capet

So what are some ways children and teenagers can be encouraged to clean their rooms?


This one’s a bit tongue in cheek, but bribery can work to a point. Offering money or favours in return for your kids performing a task they should do anyway could just create a precedent where they expect to be rewarded every time they do something, or every time you ask them to do something. This tactic can work, but only use it sparingly.

Post a Cleaning Schedule In Their Room

This will at least serve as a reminder. Don’t make the schedule intense. Have something like make the bed every day, put dirty clothes in the laundry hamper daily, dust and vacuum once every two weeks, tidy the room once a week. They may not stick to the cleaning schedule, but with it in full view they may at least feel inspired to tidy up more regularly.

Set a Good Example

There is little point demanding our children be clean and tidy if we aren’t. If they see you cleaning routinely and keeping your own bedroom in tip top shape especially, at least they will know you are leading by example and you can actually speak with real authority when you demand they do the same.

Do Chores Together

The first few times help them clean their rooms so they experience a sense of teamwork and know what’s expected of them when you ask them to perform the task in future. Most importantly, praise them for a job well done. We all respond to positive words like this, so don’t forget to offer praise on their cleaning efforts. This will also help to instil a sense of pride in your child. Hopefully they will become quite proud of their cleaning efforts, as well as their clean and tidy bedrooms.

Cull Items With a Passion

The less clutter there is in your kids’ rooms, the easier it will be to keep them clean and tidy. While they might whine and moan when you want to toss out old, broken toys and the like, do it anyway. Cleaning their bedroom will seem way less daunting if there is very little clutter around. Plus, the room will remain tidier for the lack of possessions.

Call In Professional Cleaners Regularly

Even if you do have a good routine in place and the kids are learning to keep their rooms in order, it’s still a good idea to call in a professional cleaning service for a really thorough clean every so often.

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