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Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

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Australians love their pets. In fact, about 62% of Australians have pets, which is one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. While our pets offer us countless hours of love and entertainment, they can also be very messy. If you own a dog or cat, here are some simple housekeeping tips to help you keep your home clean and tidy.

Groom your Pet Regularly

Hair shedding is common among most breeds of cats and dogs and can be a real pain to clean up. If you want to reduce shedding, ensure that you brush and groom your pet regularly. Long-haired breeds will require brushing every 1-2 days, whereas a short-haired breed can be groomed once a week.

Faithful Pet

Dealing with Pet Accidents

If your pet has an accident on your carpet you can be left with a nasty stain and unpleasant smell. For urine accidents, use a rag or cloth to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Then create a solution of 1 tablespoon of white vinegar mixed with a cup of water and dab the solution over the area. If it’s a number 2, pick up the poop with a paper towel and discard it before dabbing the area with the same solution. You might have to repeat the process several times to completely remove the stain.

Get a Cleaning Service

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, pet stains can build up on your carpets. In fact, over time carpet cleaning solutions (natural and chemical) can accumulate in your carpet fibres and act as a magnet for dust and dirt. So, if you want to get your carpets looking and smelling fresh, you need professional carpet cleaning.

At New Life Cleaning, we use a 4-step carpet cleaning process to give your carpets a truly deep clean. Based on the Sunshine Coast, we service Noosa & Hinterland and Surrounding Areas of the Sunshine Coast.


While regular vacuuming and carpet care will help to keep your carpet clean, after time your carpet can show signs of wear and tear that you just can’t get rid of. In this blog, our team of carpet cleaning experts have put together a few signs that your carpet needs a professional clean.

Muddy Shoes on Carpet

There are stubborn stains

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts there are some stains that you just can’t get rid of. If this is the case, then there’s a good chance that you need professional carpet cleaning.

There’s visible mould or mildew

Search your carpet for green, white or black spots that did not originate from a stain. In humid climates, such as those on the Sunshine Coast, it is easy for your carpet to start growing mould or mildew.

There’s a bad smell

Constant tracking of dirt and debris can make your carpet smell. If you can’t get rid of the smell with deodorising spray, it will require professional carpet cleaning.

There is visible wear

Over time, foot traffic will flatten your carpet’s fibres and become weighed down with dirt. A professional carpet clean is the best way to give your carpet the lift it needs.

Your pets or children have left a mark

Kids and pets often have accidents. While you may have done your best to clean up the pee, poop or puke, these marks are hard to get out without deeper cleaning. A professional carpet clean will ensure these stains are lifted, while removing leftover germs.

Looking for professional carpet cleaning in Peregian Springs? Contact New Life Cleaning today. Our team of carpet cleaning experts use a truck mounted machine to steam and clean dirt and stains deep down in your carpet and vacuum it away. Our exclusive four-step carpet cleaning system will ensure that all the dirt is lifted, so all that left behind is cleaner, softer, more beautiful carpet.


Close up of woman cleaning carpetWhile cleaning your carpet yourself may seem like a great way to save money, if not done correctly it can cause damage to your carpet and end up costing you more. If you are considering cleaning your carpet yourself, then be aware of these DIY carpet cleaning risks.

Mould breakout

If you don’t clean your carpet correctly and ensure that it dries out, you can end up with mould growth (especially in humid places like the Sunshine Coast). Not only is this unsightly, but it is harmful to you and your family’s health.

Bad odours

If you don’t get your carpet dry in time you can end up with a musty-smelling carpet. Damp carpet can not only lead to mould and mildew growth, but it can also make your carpet more susceptible to picking up dirt and grime.

Delamination or deterioration

Delamination occurs when carpets split from their secondary backing. This can happen if there is excess moisture beneath the carpet. Deterioration on the other hand is when your carpet fibres start to break down. This can be caused by overly abrasive cleaning products or tools (such as scrub brushes).


If you do not dry out our carpet quickly enough following a large-scale spill or flooding, your carpet can shrink and pull away from the wall. If your carpet becomes drenched, it’s always best to call in professional carpet cleaning services.

Bleaching and discoloration

Some carpet cleaning products can do serious damage to your carpet. In fact, some stain removers can leave you with patches of bleached or discoloured carpet.


If you don’t want to risk DIY carpet cleaning, contact New Life Cleaning today. Based in Noosa and servicing the entire Sunshine Coast, we use high powered machines to steam clean your carpets. Our special 4-step process will remove deep down dirt and leave you with cleaner, softer, more beautiful carpet.

Carpets are a wonderful and versatile floor covering for Australian homes. Soft, delicate and comfortable, carpets are great for the whole family. The catch? If you don’t look after them, they get grubby fast! So here are some easy carpet care tips from our Noosa carpet cleaning team.

Father and child lie on carpet

Shoes off!

Even when you wipe your shoes on a mat before walking indoors, there are always trace amounts of dirt and debris that will rub off onto your carpets. Best to play it safe and ask your friends and family to leave their shoes by the door!

Consider floor runners

In high traffic areas of your home, such as entranceways or hallways, consider placing down a floor runner. This reduces the wear on your carpet and can add a touch of colour or personality to your home.

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

When it comes to protecting your carpets, a high-quality vacuum cleaner is essential! You need to ensure that your vacuum is strong enough to pull the dirt deep down, not just on the surface. Generally, the higher the wattage the more powerful the motor will be. Look out for cleaners that feature HEPA filters as these will retain 99.9% of what you pick up and prevent it re-entering the air.

Vacuum weekly!

While this may seem tedious, by vacuuming at least weekly you will extend the life of your carpet and reduce the amount of dust and allergens in your home. If grit is left too long in your carpet it will scratch the protective coating, causing breakages and a dull appearance.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our carpets are left looking a little worse for wear. Over time small stains and marks will appear (especially if you have kids or pets). If your carpet needs reviving, then contact New Life Cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaning team will rid of stains and ground-in dirt from your carpets.

So, what are your waiting for, call the carpet cleaning experts today.

So, you’ve chosen to have your carpet professionally cleaned? Great news! Our carpet cleaning team will have your carpets looking beautiful in no time.

Before we arrive, there are a few things you can do to help make our job easier.

Man Cleaning Carpet

Declutter and tidy

Do a quick tody up and get anything off the floor. If you have kids or pets, pick up any toys, beds, books or blankets and remove any breakables or bric-a-brac from the tops of furniture. Our insurance does not allow us to handle fragile or valuable items.

Move furniture out of the way

Carpet cleaning is a whole lot easier if you remove as much of your furniture as possible. Lighter items such as side tables, dining chairs and ottoman can all be moved from the areas we are cleaning. When it comes to heavier pieces of furniture, just ask our friendly carpet cleaning team to help. We are more than happy to help you move them.

Vacuum high traffic areas

If you can, please vacuum high traffic areas including entranceways, hallways and commonly used paths between furniture. By starting with a cleaner surface, we can get to work right away.

Secure floor-length curtains and drapes

Make sure floor-length draperies are hung up using hangers, rods or windowsills before we arrive. This will prevent the fabric from meeting damp carpets during the cleaning process.

Take note of any stains

Go around your home and take note of any prominent carpet stains. If you can remember, let us know what caused them so we can use the best methods to get them out.

 Restrain your pets

Before we arrive, ensure that your pets are secured safely. Whether they are friendly or aggressive, pets will get in the way of our cleaners and hinder the carpet cleaning process. We also need to leave doors open to allow for hoses when we are cleaning and we don’t want Fido or Whiskers escaping.

For more information about our carpet cleaning services, call our Sunshine Coast team. Our friendly team are happy to answer any question you have.

A flooded home causes many issues. Depending on the severity of the flood you may experience irreversible damage to electronic ware, furniture, fixtures and flooring. While tiles, lino and concrete can be quite resilient in the face of flooding, carpet can be a little more difficult. To help, the carpet cleaning experts at New Life Cleaning have put together this informative post to help you determine whether you can salvage your carpet after a flood.

Cleaner in Wellington Boots

What was the condition of the floodwater?

The cause of the flood will often determine the condition of the floodwater. If the floodwater is sanitary, such as rainwater, with no contamination you have the best chance to save your carpet. As soon as you are able, contact a flooding services company that provides water damage clean up. After this you can contact a professional carpet cleaning service to remove any excess water and to remove any mildew or mould that may have developed. This will ensure that your carpet is both hygienic and fresh scented.

If the floodwater is unsanitary, such as toilet water containing urine or faeces, you should exercise more caution. In most cases it’s much safer to discard your carpet, but if you are set on salvaging the carpet, you will need to use strong disinfectants to kill off any bacteria or other contaminants before hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. If the floodwater is blackwater (water mixed with raw sewage) the carpets should be throw away immediately.

Looking for professional carpet cleaning on the Sunshine Coast?

If you’ve recently experienced a flood and want to save your carpets, contact New Life Cleaning today. Our friendly carpet cleaning team have the experience, equipment, and skills needed to restore your carpet back to pre-flood condition. We service Noosa & Hinterland and Surrounding Areas of the Sunshine Coast.

When accidents and spills occur, what is the best practice? Definitely not leaving them for the next day or week! Stains will lock into the fibres, whether it is stain guarded or not.

Important: – Always read and follow the care instructions and any warnings provided by the carpet manufacturer. Rugs and carpets with natural fibres and/or certain dyes may require special treatment. If in doubt contact the New Life Cleaning team for advice and carpet cleaning service. The General Guide Rules for stain treatment are given below:-

Coffee, Beer and Wine

  1. Blot with a white paper towel to remove as much of the stain as possible, (Scrubbing will only spread the spill and make it bigger making it more noticeable).
  2. Then neutralize with a white vinegar solution (80mls of WHITE vinegar to 160mls of water). Saturate the spot with a white vinegar solution, using a spray bottle and blot to remove excess moisture.
  3. Apply a small quantity of detergent solution to the spot. (To make the detergent solution mix 1/4 teaspoon of a hand dishwashing detergent which does not contain lanolin or bleach with 1 litre of water). Use a blotting motion to work the detergent into the affected area. If the spot is being removed continue applying detergent and blotting with a white paper towel until the spot is removed.
  4. Rinse with tap water using a spray bottle, blot to remove excess moisture.
  5. Spray lightly with water, do not blot this time; apply pad of paper towels and brick and allow to dry.
  6. If there is still some stain on the carpet and blotting is not removing it, then call New Life Cleaning

“…leaves carpets clean, safe, conditioned…& almost dry”

New Life ~ Noosa Carpet Cleaning – 4 Step Process. … includes an essential extra step – a specially formulated pH-balancing fibre rinse that removes carpet cleaning solution residue right along with deep-down dirt….

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Dust mites feed on organic detritus such as flakes of shed human skin and flourish in the stable environment of dwellings. they live in your mattresses, pillows and carpet.

You can not totally eradicate Dust Mites but you can significantly lower their presence and the Allergens that they produce with New Life’s high powered steam extraction and solutions.

Bed bugs are small nocturnal insects that live by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts

Eradicate Bed Bugs in your mattresses

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Mattress Cleaning

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