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Clean That Air Conditioner In Time For Summer

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Spring has just arrived on the Sunshine Coast and summer is fast approaching.

The weather is about to get hot and humid and the air conditioners will be switched on and put through their paces. You want to stay nice and cool throughout the warmer months, so you will want your air conditioner to be working at its optimum. The best way to achieve this is by having your air conditioner thoroughly cleaned.

Chances are it hasn’t had a good clean since the start of last season. Maybe longer in some cases. Now, most people think they should call in an air conditioner service tech or a refrigeration mechanic to give their air-con a clean, but these guys generally just take out the filters, give them a wash to remove the dust and put them back in. That’s really only about a tenth of the overall cleaning job, if that.

It is important to keep those filters clean – and that’s something everyone in the household should get in the habit of doing regularly – but to get the most efficiency out of your air conditioner it’s vital that it receives a thorough clean at the start of the new season.

At New Life Cleaning we do way more than merely remove your air conditioner’s filters and wash away the dust. We get deep into the system, pulling it apart and really giving it that deep clean that it needs. Dust and grime does get past the filter and into the guts of the machine. Added to this is a build-up of mould and mildew, bacteria, germs, pet dander, pollen, fats from cooking and dust mites. You really want to target all this at least once a year and get rid of the grime.

A thorough cleaning will achieve the following results:

  • Your air conditioner will run more efficiently and keep you cooler
  • It will be more energy-efficient, saving you dollars
  • Improved air quality, free of germs and harmful bacteria and mould spores
  • It will smell nice

Cleaning the filter only will help it run a little more efficiently, but it won’t take care of the other problems that are only resolved through thorough cleaning. We employ a 10 step process that includes spraying many components with a mould remover that kills bacteria as well. We even deodorise it and replace the batteries in your remote control.

Spring has begun. Book in a thorough air conditioner cleaning with New Life Cleaning service before summer really kicks in. We are based on the Sunshine Coast and service everywhere between Mooloolaba up to Noosa and out to Buderim.

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