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Uncover The Dirty Secrets Your Mattress Holds

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When people clean their home they rarely think of cleaning something like the mattresses on the beds.

The pillows on the bed get more attention than the mattress does. In fact, many pillow manufacturers now stamp a use-by date on the pillows so you will replace them.


Because they get a build-up of grime and bacteria. Well, the exact same thing can be said for your mattress.

Some bachelors out there are flat out giving their sheets a wash, let alone giving a second passing thought to getting the mattress cleaned. But bachelor or not, every mattress should get a thorough cleaning every now and then, and here’s why.

What Secretly Lives in Your Mattress?

Nasty little dust mites for one.

Have you ever had one of those nights in bed where you just feel incessantly itchy? You keep scratching but the itches just won’t go away?

This could be related to the number of dust mites that have been breeding in the bed linen and, more likely, breeding within the mattress itself. These little critters are microscopic, so you can’t see them, but that doesn’t mean they are not present. Then there is the possibility of bed bugs and their excrement.

Bacteria also runs rampant inside a dirty mattress and on its sleeping surface. Bacteria and germs in the bed can lead to coughs and colds, or potentially something even worse. Think about it. Every night when you are asleep you are breathing in these bacteria and dust mites. Can’t be good for you.

Other Truths Uncovered

Mould and mildew also grow in a mattress. People sweat in bed, creating a warm and damp environment for mould spores to flourish. People also perform other functions in bed that can leave behind dampness. Illness can result from exposure to mould, and apart from anything else, those mildew stains on the mattress do not look appealing at all.

Another thing that builds up in a mattress is fine particles of dead skin. We all shed skin cells, all of the time and the only way to really keep these out of the bed is to change the sheets regularly and at least occasionally have the mattress cleaned by a professional cleaning service.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Service

At New Life Cleaning service we employ professional steam cleaning to give your mattresses a really thorough clean. Our expert techniques and equipment not only clean your mattress and make it look like new again, but they also kill harmful bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs as well as removing the build-up of grime, dead skin, hair and anything else you don’t want present. Book in for thorough, professional mattress cleaning today with New Life Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast.

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