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Carpet or Tiles?

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Carpet or tiles? It’s one of the biggest questions you face when buying or renovating your home or business space. While it really does come down to personal preference, each option does come with its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide on the right flooring option for you, here are some tips from our carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning experts.

Tile Colours


While the cost of both carpet and tiles vary a lot based on outlets and quality, tiles are generally the more expensive option. Whilst carpet is generally a cheaper option, you must also consider that it isn’t always an appropriate flooring option for some spaces in the home, such as the bathroom (unless you’re British) and the kitchen.


There are countless colours, designs, textures, and patterns available for both tiles and carpets. Aesthetically, tiles can provide a very clean finish, whereas carpets can often give warmth to a room. Depending on what works best with your décor, taste and lifestyle, the choice of whether to have tiles or carpet is very personal.


Carpet looks and feels amazing, and when you have young children, a carpeted floor means you don’t need to worry so much if they fall. Children and carpets, however, can also be a disaster waiting to happen. Whether it’s food, markers or dirt, kids always seem to have a way of getting things dirty. Tiles can often be a saviour, allowing you to simply wipe marks and mop mess away.


While a carpet can last for many years, tiles do have a longer life span, so whilst they might cost more initially, they will generally last longer than carpeting.


Carpet and tiles are both fairly easy to maintain. Carpets require a good quality vacuum at least once a week, whereas tiles need a good sweep, vacuum and mop once a week. Professional carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning are recommended to keep your flooring looking its best.

No matter what flooring you choose, the professionals at New Life Cleaning can keep both tiles and carpets in pristine condition. Based on the Sunshine Coast, we offer both professional carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning to keep your floors looking their best.


Furniture and its upholstery might not be something you think about cleaning regularly, but really it should get a thorough professional clean from upholstery cleaning experts at least once in a while.

Upholstery Cleaning

Whether your lounge and matching chairs are covered in fabric or leather, they will get a build up of sweat, grease, grime, suffer from spilled drinks and dropped food, dirty shoes or feet placed on them. Your furniture really can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

If you really think about it, your furniture cops a lot of abuse and wear and tear. Not cleaning the fabric on your sofa or chairs is akin to wearing the same shirt for months without giving it a wash. You would never do that (well, hopefully you wouldn’t), so why neglect to clean your furniture?

Furniture doesn’t need a thorough clean every single week, but every now and then professional upholstery cleaning will revitalise your furniture, kill off bacteria, remove built up grime and make it look, feel and smell fresh and new again.

Upholstery Cleaning

At New Life Cleaning we perform a 5 stage upholstery cleaning process:

  • The fabric is first sprayed with high quality upholstery cleaning solution
  • Agitating the solution with a brush or pad then spreads the solution throughout the fibres, ensuring separation of dirt
  • Following this is a steam cleaning with hot water, then a vacuum and a fibre rinse to remove all soiling
  • Stubborn stains are then treated
  • An optional fabric protector is applied

Leather Cleaning

Leather may look like it doesn’t get as grimy as fabric, but it still gets a build up of sweat, grease and other debris, which can lead to the leather drying out and cracking up. To avoid this happening, a quality leather cleaning on occasion will do your leather furniture wonders.

First the leather is professionally and meticulously cleaned, then a leather conditioner called SABA is applied, to help protect your furniture and keep it soft and supple.

Carpet Cleaning

Quality carpet cleaning is one of the specialist services we provide at New Life Cleaning. Our aim is complete customer satisfaction and you won’t find a more thorough carpet cleaning company on the entire Sunshine Coast than New Life Cleaning.


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