Why You Need to Clean Your Mattress

Why You Need to Clean Your Mattress


People clean their sheets every fortnight, but most people never think to clean their mattress. At New Life Cleaning, we are always surprised by the amount of people who think it’s unnecessary, so today we have put together a list of reasons why you should regularly clean your mattress.

Remove dust

Dust builds up in homes very quickly. While dust is more obvious when it collects on furniture or shelves, you can be sure that it is collecting in your mattress too. If the dust builds up too much it can cause severe allergies and increase your chances of dust mites.

Eliminate dust mites

In humid climates, such as the Sunshine Coast, dust mites thrive in the dark indoor environments of homes. These critters love to hide and flourish in mattresses, pillows and bed linen due to the moisture that’s left from our bodies. They feed on dust, human skin cells, pollen and fungal spores, while their excrement feeds fungi and bacteria. While their tiny size and translucent bodies make them invisible to the naked eye, they are in fact lurking in most Australian mattresses.  

Reduce skin irritations

The dirtier your mattress is, the more likely you are to experience skin reactions. For those with sensitive skins, unwanted materials such as dirt, pollen and dust can cause severe irritations.  By cleaning your mattress, you will enjoy a more quality night’s sleep.

Reduce allergies

If you go too long without cleaning your mattress you will likely experience increased allergies. Dust, dust mites and pollen collect inside your mattress and when you lay down, these particles are released and enter your airways causing you to sneeze and cough.

Want to get your mattress professionally cleaned? New Life Cleaning specialise in quality mattress cleaning on the Sunshine Coast. Our experienced team use pure steam cleaning, anti-allergen solutions and a high-powered extraction system to rid your mattress of stains and debris.