Leather Couch Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Leather Couch Maintenance and Cleaning Tips


Over time, grease and oils from our bodies can bond with the surface of leather couches, filling the grain and dulling the couch’s colour. Leather couches are extremely expensive items of furniture, so it’s important to keep them clean and well-maintained. To help you maintain your leather couch, our Sunshine Coast team have put together some simple leather cleaning tips and tricks.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

When it comes to vacuuming, leather couches are like any other. You need to vacuum them regularly to keep them free of dirt and grime. Make sure you use a soft brush attachment, so you don’t scratch or damage your leather.

Use the right products

Be careful with home remedies you find on the internet. When cleaning your leather couch make sure you only use leather safe products and materials. If in doubt, contact a professional leather cleaning service.

Be mindful of spills

Because of the porous nature of leather, it doesn’t take long for it to absorb a spill, especially if your leather is unprotected. As soon as you see a spill, blot it with a clean, dry white cloth. Check with a cleaning professional before doing anything else. When it comes to protected leather, simply wipe water-based spills off and then let it air dry. Oil based stains should be blotted, and no water should be used.

Only use commercial leather conditioner 

If you want to keep your leather soft and conditioned, you can buy special leather conditioner and use it every six to twelve months. This will help the leather retain its own natural oils.

Need professional cleaning for your leather couch? Contact New Life Cleaning today. Our team specialises in high-quality leather care. Our cleaning application will remove all dust, dirt, grease and oils, leaving the surface ready for conditioning. We then add a unique conditioning cream called SABA to keep your leather soft and smooth.