Do’s and Don’ts of Tile Care

Do’s and Don’ts of Tile Care


Tiles are a sturdy and robust floor covering that can be used in just about any room of the house. While tiles are well known for their durability, without the right care, you can dramatically decrease the lifespan of your tiles or cause irreversible damage. So here are the do’s and don’ts of tile care from our tile and grout cleaning experts.

Don’t use bleach or ammonia

Bleach and ammonia-based cleaners will discolour your grout and fade the colour of your tiles. Instead use specialised tile cleaning solutions.

Don’t use abrasive materials

As tempting as it can be to really scrub your grouting, materials like steel wool and abrasive scrubbing powders should be kept away from tile and grout. Instead use soft cloths, mops, sponges or toothbrushes.

Don’t leave spills to sit

The longer you leave spills to sit on your tiles, the harder they will be to remove. Make sure you clean up spills as soon as possible to keep your floors looking fresh and clean.

Don’t wait for your floors to look dirty

If you wait until you see grime before you sweep or mop, there’s a higher chance this dirt will get inground. Instead, try to sweep daily and mop a few times a week.

Don’t reply on sealants 

If your tiles have a sealant, remember that it doesn’t last forever. Whenever you opt for professional tile and grout cleaning, make sure you ask for new tile sealant to ensure your tiles are protected.

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