Air Conditioning Cleaning

You Are the Air You Breathe

No one would intentionally subject their children, themselves or their employees to air pollution, but if you fail to clean your air conditioner at home or the workplace regularly that’s exactly what you are doing.

Your air conditioner is designed to capture and filter pollutants in the air, such as dust and bacteria, but what happens when the filters are full? The dust and dirt clog the air conditioner and moisture is able to sit and eventually leads to a build-up of mould, this is released to circulate in the air, the same air that you breathe.

Air Conditioner Cleaning at your Service

Maintaining your air conditioner is an important factor in keeping your home healthy, and your air conditioner running well.

Whilst many air conditioner cleaning services only go as far as cleaning out the filter, New Life Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast provide a full air conditioning unit cleaning service.

Cleaning filters every couple of 6 months is a good start in reducing the problems in your air conditioning unit, over a 12 months period your whole unit  will build up with bacteria and germs, pet dander, mould spores, dust mites, pollen, cooking fats, and anything else that might be floating around in the air. This can cause dry eyes, sneezing, sore throats, and headaches. 

What Is Included in An Air Conditioning Full Clean?

Step 1 Check Air-Con temperature

Step 2 Remove filters and clean. Tape electrics up

Step 3 Remove Air-Con covers Spray with a anti bacteria solution

Step 4 – Spray Coils with foaming solution

Step 5 Spray And clean blower fan and shaft with a anti bacteria solution

Step 6 – Rinse everything down with 125 psi hot water which drains into a bib, making sure drainage holes are blown out

Step 7 – Spray Biodet mould remover. Biodet Mould Remover possesses a combination of natural anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This product actually kills mould spores, unlike bleach, which only shrinks the spores and turns them white, resulting in the mould returning after a very short time.

We spray Biodet over all surfaces of your split system air conditioner once the cleaning process has been completed to provide protection from mould for a period of six months.

Step 8 Spray Odorcide over air intake which eliminates deep imbedded odours, killing germs and bacteria.

Step 9 Put everything back on.

Step 10 – Replace old batteries in remote control with new ones.

Breathe Easy with A Professional Air Conditioner Clean

To protect you and your family from the dangers of poor-quality air, contact New Life Cleaning and get your annual air conditioning cleaning service booked in; we service the entire Sunshine Coast.